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UTS Group - United Trading System - chemical products distributor in Russia and CIS

We are a market leader in distribution of chemical products and selective solution provider in construction materials.

Since the start in 1994, the UTS Group has organically grown to be both the largest and the most influential distributor in Russia and CIS. Our geographical presence, technical service and wide product range give us an opportunity to provide first-class service to our customers. UTS in Russia takes care of the full value chain from logistics to warehousing and delivery service, technical and commercial arrangements, attractive payment terms for reliable customers.

As a result of close cooperation of the whole Team, UTS Group has developed a highly efficient supply chain with chemical manufacturers. We operate in SAP and take care of logistics and custom clearance, transportation and warehousing in own storage facilities ourselves. Our network of local stocking and warehousing is a vital part of distribution in our geographically widely spread markets.

UTS (ETC) in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus responsible for the cooperation with enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.The functional management and the business division managers operate from the headquarters of the company located in St.Petersburg. UTS Scandinavia in Sweden is responsible for the cooperation with foreign suppliers.


Benefits for our Suppliers are:

  • Professionalism. Access to the most skilled sales and technical team of the largest distributor in Russia and CIS. We are 75th in the World and 37th in Europe according to ICIS-2017 chemical distributors rating.
  • Financial security. Guaranteed timely payments from UTS Scandinavia AB in Sweden, having AAA credit rating meaning highest creditworthiness in accordance with Bisnode's credit-evaluation system during the years 2005-2018.
  • Quality management system operated by UTS is in compliance with the standart ISO 9001:2015 for the import and export activity, wholesale trade of chemical products
  • Transparency. Complete market information regarding demand, trends and local legislation.
  • Wide customer base and Marketing.


Our History

Our Partners

Technical Support

Provider of Solutions

Warehouses & Logistics


Our History: 1994-1999

United Trading System started it’s activities exporting chemicals, metals and optical devices to Europe and to the USA and importing chemicals and foodstuff from Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands. It was the period during which the company was structured, starting capital was accumulated and experience in international business was gained. Thanks to acquiring highly reliable and stable Swedish partners the company strengthened it’s position.

As far back as 1996 UTS managed to select and focus on two main businesses in their overall activities namely: the export and import of chemicals and import of building materials which activities still today form the core businesses of the UTS Group. By mid 1998 the company reached a position of sound financial stability and had developed a highly rated business reputation with Russian as well as with foreign producers.

Modern technical facilities, state of the art working conditions, a highly qualified staff, own offices and warehouses and financial solvency enabled the company to overcome the effects of the August 1998 monetary and business crisis and to actively continue expanding it’s activities.

In the autumn of 1998 the company decided to substantially expand it’s activities and portfolio of products to be offered to local Russian and other producers. The company strategy and mission statement were revised and clearly defined. The staff was expanded and enriched with new highly qualified specialists having extensive experience in their specific fields of expertise. Many of the new specialists held PhD degrees.

Following these steps and based on proper management and strategy and through the competence of all employees the company was able to make significant steps forward in the development of the company.

Our History: 2000-2017

During the period 2000-2001 the portfolio of chemical raw materials to be offered to Russian, Ukrainian industry increased by a factor 10.

In principle UTS supplies to almost any segment of Russian and other industries among which one will find producers of paints and lacquers, construction materials, synthetic fibres, glass fibres, polymers and additives, detergents and cosmetics, food and feed ingredients, raw materials for oil and lubricants production, greases, machine building plants, automotive and aerospace materials.

Turnover of the company started to grow fast in 2000 with the annual increase rate of 40-50%.

In the year of 2001 UTS opened their own office and warehouse in the Urals in the city of Ekaterinburg. Moreover a sub distributor with office and warehouses started a close cooperation with UTS in the city of Novosibirsk.

In the spring of 2003 UTS established a daughter company in the city of Chernigov the Ukraine to start direct deliveries of chemical raw materials to the Ukraine. In 2004 UTS established own offices and a warehouse in Kiev the Ukraine. By that time UTS staff had grown to more than 130 people.

In June 2007 UTS inaugurated a new office and warehouse in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan to take care of direct deliveries to that country. In May 2009 our sub distributor in Novosibirsk was acquired and became a fully owned member of the UTS Group of companies. In 2010 UTS opened up an office and warehouse facilities in Rostov-on-Don. In the same year UTS established an office and warehouse in Minsk, Belarus

It goes without saying that the 2008 global economic crisis hit Russia also and thus the UTS Group of companies. High turnover, high leverage due to large stocks, high level of receivables and credits resulted in an uncomfortable financial position. Nevertheless and based on an incredible effort by the management and staff of UTS the company managed to weather these enormous difficulties and to dispose of stocks and to settle all outstanding accounts with our partners/suppliers.

In actual fact UTS managed to maintain it’s highly qualified staff, it’s positive image and reputation in the market and moreover UTS managed to continue construction of it’s state of the art new logistics center (equipped with the own laboratory) of 15 000 sq.m in St.Petersburg, which was put into operation in 2011 followed by new warehouse in Kiev (2014) and new logistics center in Moscow (2016).

By the year 2018 the UTS Group includes 16 companies with a staff totaling 420 people.


Technical Support

Distribution is all about adding value. Having successfully been the leading chemical distribution group in our markets for more than two decades, we have proven that UTS adds value for our customers and suppliers. The UTS Group is always open for new business ideas and opportunities.

We do not only supply products, but also help our customers to improve and optimize their formulations and technology. It is achieved by means of our own laboratories and highly qualified technicians. At the end of 2018, UTS will launch a new laboratory complex in St. Petersburg comprising 5 labs covering major fields of our activities.


Provider of Solutions

We implement hundreds of new high performance chemicals at the markets of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries yearly helping local manufacturers to produce state-of-the-art and competitive goods. At the moment UTS is representing the interests and distributing the products of more than 150 well known foreign chemical producers. UTS is an official distributor of the majority of our foreign suppliers and has exclusive rights for marketing and selling their products in Russia and the various CIS countries.

Taking into account the main features and strengths of the company such as the extent of the various product portfolio’s, the high reputation, the level of service and more, UTS Group is today considered to be one of the leading Russian suppliers of chemical raw materials and building materials.

UTS Group is proud to be recognized by the customers and suppliers, not as a supplier of raw material, but as a Provider of Solutions. By offering transparency to our business partners, we are able to ensure the best service as well as continuous growth.


Warehouses & Logistics

The UTS Group operates more than 40 000 sq.m real estate area in Russia and CIS, with 31 000 sq.m being top of the line warehouses in this region and 9 000 sq.m high class offices. The warehouse in St. Petersburg was built in 2012, the one in Kiev in 2014 and the one in Moscow in 2016. The warehouses have all the permissions and licenses required for handling dangerous goods.

The efficient supply chain, in combination with our in-house modern warehousing, enables us to offer an outstanding delivery service to all our customers in a cost efficient manner. We also provide service ondemand: repacking, dilution and blending.

UTS Group management pays special attention to maintain and improve the already high level of service ensuring favorable conditions and benefits to our clients. The company focuses continuously on improving of all aspects of distribution of our portfolio in Russia and CIS countries.