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Chemicals distributor in Russia and CIS

ЕТС, группа компаний UTS group / China UTS group / Eng



United Trading System is one of the leading distributor at the markets of high quality imported epoxy and polyester resins including accompanying materials for the production of composite systems, protective coatings, chemical resistant and incombustible items, dry transformers and electroinsulating materials.

We'll provide you with all required components such as polyester and epoxy resins, glassfibre materials, release agents etc. for any type of technology of glassfibre production, including hand lay out, pultrusion, filament winding and RTM.

For clients who are launching new projects we give a help in the selection of equipment and offer a full package of technical support including start formulations, visits of technicians from suppliers of raw materials and arrangement of technical trainings for our clients.

We are assisting in choosing an optimum technology and equipment for clients focused on enhancement of productivity or of the quality of products at the existing glassfibre facilities as well as informing clients on the innovations at the composite market on a regular basis.

We appreciate our clients as partners whom we develop the market of composites in CIS countries together with.