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Synthetic fibres and chemicals for its production

The work of the Division «Synthetic fibres and chemicals for its production» at UTS is focused on deliveries of finished polyester and aramide fibres and yarn, as well as chemicals for domestic producers of aramide fibre and glassfibre.

Polyester fibres are intended for the production of non-woven materials of various application: wadding, geotextile materials, substrate for linoleum, substrate for roofing materials etc..

Aramide fibres and yarn are used at the production of high impact fabric of special application (for armor protection), at the production of structural elements (used in spaceships, nuclear research units, turbojet engines, aero engine frameworks, fan casing elements etc.) and optical fibre cables.

The package of materials for the production of aramide fibres is based on high quality chemicals. For producers of glassfibres and glass net we are offering sizings and components increasing alkali resistance of glassfibre articles.

We offer:

  • Aramid fibers, fabrics and pulp
  • Oils for fibers
  • Polyester fibers
  • Raw materials for the production of aramid fibers
  • Raw materials for the production of fiberglass, glass mesh and non-woven materials