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We are one of the market leaders in high-quality imported epoxy and polyester resins, as well as related materials for the production of composite systems, protective coatings, chemical and non-combustible products, dry transformers and electrical insulation materials.

We will provide you with all the necessary components - polyester and epoxy resins, glass materials, dividers - for any fiberglass manufacturing technology, including:

  • manual laying

  • pultrusion

  • filament winding

  • RTM technology

We help customers launching new projects with the choice of equipment and offer a full range of technical support, including the provision of starting recipes, visits of technical experts from manufacturers of raw materials, organization of training of technical personnel of our customers.

We assist in choosing the best technology and equipment for customers who want to increase productivity or improve product quality at existing fiberglass manufacturing facilities and regularly inform customers about all the innovations of the composite market.