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Defoaming agents for PWM

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Defoamers - substances that destroy the foam that is formed during the preparation and use of paints and varnishes, as well as preventing its formation. Foam is formed, as a rule, due to the ingress and distribution of air in the paint material, for example, with stirring. In most organically soluble materials, air inclusions are unstable, and it migrates directly from the liquid phase without causing coating defects. But if the air inclusions are stabilized, they can lead to a number of deviations in the production technology of materials and coating defects: - dense foam reduces the dissolver rotation speed; - particles of foam remain on the walls of the apparatus during the discharge of paint into containers and, when making the next batch of material, as a rule, do not dissolve, causing the formation of coagulates; - incomplete filling of containers, since the foam occupies a large volume; - when applying paint containing foam, coatings are formed with defects such as craters, punctures, fisheye, worsening the decorative and protective properties of the coatings.