Our advantages for the Suppliers

PROFESSIONALISM OF UTS TEAM. Partnership with us is an opportunity to work with a highly qualified team of sellers and process engineers of the largest distributor in Russia and the CIS.

FINANCIAL STABILITY. Guarantees of timely payments.

TRANSPARENCY & FEEDBACK. We provide our suppliers with complete expert information on the market demand, trends and local legislation. We are focused on long-term relations with suppliers and joint decision-making on the strategy of work.

WIDE CUSTOMER BASE. You get access to our customer base, which in 2019 included more than 4000 active clients in Russia and the CIS in a wide range: from transnational companies to local players.

MARKETING. UTS Group participates in many exhibitions, conferences and seminars every year, and often sponsors or organizes such events. We provide our suppliers with the opportunity of joint participation or holding of special events for the customers.

Our advantages for the Buyers

TECHNICAL SUPPORT. We have six laboratories to support our customers and to introduce new products and solutions. We offer the service and expertise of our specialists, information about the products and technologies.

WELL-ESTABLISHED LOGISTICS. We ensure timely deliveries by maintaining stocks of the goods in our 10 warehouses in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In addition, we have an opportunity to complete orders in small batches, minimizing the volume of the customers' stocks and to provide samples.

FINANCIAL SERVICE. We offer good terms of payment to reliable customers and settlements in local currency, including all fees, taxes and payments. We highly appreciate the relations with our partners, and strive to provide assistance in solving your problems, on a mutually beneficial basis.

EXTENDED RANGE. We strive to have a complete portfolio of chemical products in every segment of the activity, enabling our customers to reduce costs through use of the “one-stop shop” principle.