AR-GE Merkezi

The UTS Turkey management pays special attention to development of the service, technologies and provision of the most favorable and convenient terms of supply to our customers. In order to improve the quality of servicing of our customers the research and development center of UTS Group was organized in 2011, which now includes 5 laboratories.

  • Testing and comparative trials of new products
  • Formulation development and optimization
  • Consulting on application of all types of modifying additives
  • Joint work of UTS Group with representatives of the customer in the laboratory
  • Attendance of the enterprise by a technical specialist for joint work

Laboratory of dry building systems

In order to improve the quality of servicing of our customers, the Laboratory of Dry Construction Systems of UTS Group was organized in 2011. It is called to solve the following tasks:

  • Technical support of the customers.
  • Assistance in development of formulations
  • Testing of the products for compliance with the declared parameters
  • Consulting
  • Reception of the customers of UTS Group of Companies in the laboratory for joint or independent work or training
  • Quality control of incoming materials
  • Search and development of new materials

The laboratory is fitted with modern equipment required for execution of works. The testing methods of both nationals GOSTs and European ENs, as well as proprietary , internal tests are used in development and testing of the products.

Laboratory of paintwork materials

We help our customers to accelerate the search of the required components and solutions, understand the principles of working with them, to save time and efforts in development and launch of their products in the market. Availability of the proprietary laboratory allows UTS Group not only to offer raw materials to the customers, but also to provide them with technological support, to work out various formulations, to check the quality and compatibility of materials, to carry out additional training of technical specialists.

The laboratory is fitted with modern equipment allowing to develop formulations of various paint materials, to check their properties and the quality of coatings based on them. Our technical specialists have extensive experience in the development of formulations and their implementation in production.

The main functions of the laboratory of paintwork materials in UTS Group include:

  • quality control of incoming materials
  • assistance to the customers in selection of raw materials for manufacturing of the required products
  • assistance in introduction of raw material components offered by UTS Group into the customer's formulation, including optimization of the formulation in our laboratory
  • consulting of the clients on the questions of development of formulations of paintwork materials
  • joint optimization of formulations of paintwork materials with the client's process engineers on the facilities of UTS GC laboratory or in the client's own laboratory

Since 2019, the laboratory moved to a new room and expanded its capabilities. Now, in addition, we can carry out tests for UV resistance of coatings, accelerated weathering tests and salt fog resistance tests according to GOST 9.401-91, GOST 9.045-75, ISO 11341:2004, ISO 4892-2, ASTM D-2565, ASTM C-1442, ASTM G-154, etc. For this purpose, the laboratory was equipped with Q-SUN weathering machine, salt fog chamber and a heat-cold-moisture chamber.

Laboratory of composite materials based on polyester resins

Laboratory of Composite Materials was established in UTS in 2013 to improve the quality of customer service, as well as to jointly solve technological problems.

In the laboratory we will be able to:

  • select the binding material and the curing system, as well as the reinforcing material for production, according to the required parameters and depending on the technology of manufacture of the composite product;
  • conduct a preliminary check of the raw materials for the following indicators:
    • Brookfield resin viscosity;
    • Barcol resin hardness;
    • gel formation time and exotherm peak;
    • volatile matters content in resin;
    • moisture content in the reinforcing material.
    • develop an individual binder formulation using special additives (change of thixotropy, viscosity, reactivity of the system, etc.);
  • make samples of a composite material using our materials;
  • consult and visit your production to solve technological problems in introduction of our materials into production;
  • consult and select the technological equipment for any production technology of composite materials.

Laboratory of household chemicals and detergents

The laboratory was organized in 2013 to provide technical support to customers and test products for compliance with the declared parameters. If you need preliminary data on the quality of your products during the composition development process, our equipment and qualified personnel will allow you to conduct tests and obtain reliable results.

Laboratory of food ingredients

In 2019, the Food Ingredients Laboratory was organized on the basis of R&D Center of UTS Group.
In the Food Ingredients Laboratory, we test the product samples from the world's best food ingredients manufacturers for compliance with the quality standards. The process engineer makes assessment of the quality characteristics of the samples, comparative evaluation of organoleptic parameters of the ingredients, develops and modernizes the formulations, masters new technological processes.

The main functions of the Food Ingredients Laboratory in UTS Group include:

  • quality control of incoming ingredients
  • assistance to the customers in selection of ingredients for production
  • technological support of the customers
  • selection of formulations together with customers and manufacturers' process engineers

The key advantage of UTS Group is the possibility to provide direct communication between the process engineers of manufacturing companies and the process engineers of the customers, on the basis of the training seminars. This format allows to get advice on products and specific features of their application, as well as information on current trends in the market of food ingredients.