Work in UTS Turkey is a work in a friendly team of professionals!

UTS Group of Companies has been present on the market for 30 years and for all these years it has established itself as a reliable, stable and responsible employer.

Our values play an important role in both professional activity and employee relationships, and we never betray them. We also expect our new employees to meet our values. This is extremely important for us. We build our work on the principles of entrepreneurship and strive to ensure that every employee has an opportunity of self-realization.

Our values

PROFESSIONALISM AND COMPETENCE. Everything we do, we do professionally and better than others. We thoroughly know and make out all the issues and products that are the subject of our business. We have earned the respect of our customers for the depth and volume of knowledge of the subject and are always ready to inform them about the new products and technologies.

MUTUAL RESPECT AND FRIENDLINESS. We're well-bred people. We work with people and for people.

INTERACTION AND MUTUAL ASSISTANCE. We're an organic whole. We're parts of the same organism. We have one goal. We're one team.

EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS. We remember that the result of each employee individually makes up the overall result of our Company. And it does not matter whether you work in the office or in the warehouse, sell the goods to the customer or support this sale, this all is a part of the common business.

RESPONSIBILITY. Honest attitude to one's work. Employees perform any work in the company with dignity and self-esteem.

TO DO AND TO HAVE DONE are two different concepts. We bring the started business to the end, we work not for the process, but for the result.

STRIVING FOR SUCCESS. We set ambitious plans and strive to implement them.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. We are open to new things, ready to change, ready to learn and ready to take a reasonable risk. In any business, we should strive to be the top three.

What do we expect from potential candidates?

First of all, in our team we want to see professionals ready to cope with ambitious, complex tasks. We value educated, intellectually developed, well-bred people who are able to find solutions even in the most difficult situations.

The main positions in our company are positions in the sales department. We wait for talented sales managers, process engineers, laboratory assistants and assistants. We are also interested in high-class business support employees such as specialists in logistics, finance, IT, etc.

Standard requirements to the sales managers include:

  • Availability of higher chemical or commercial education
  • Experience in sales or production (for process engineers)
  • Knowledge of the market
  • English language proficiency
  • Honesty, persistence, purposefulness

What can we offer?

UTS today is an international team. Being at the stage of growth, we offer wide opportunities for professional and personal realization to our candidates.

Work in UTS means:

  • Work in a friendly team of like-minded people.
  • Comfortable working conditions.
  • Competitive wages and practically unlimited opportunities to increase one's income through the growth of profitable sales.
  • International experience: participation in exhibitions, work with foreign suppliers, interaction with our representative offices in Sweden, China and India.
  • Creative realization: opportunity to offer new business areas, to improve the business model and to implement new solutions.
  • Training and development. Within the framework of "UTS School" we support the employees in professional development. And for the most successful and ambitious persons there are career opportunities.
  • Corporate events and joint leisure activities.

Join the friendly UTS team.
UTS succeeds everywhere!