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Base oils are the basis for the production of various kinds of lubricants, such as greases, cutting fluids, gear oils, turbine and hydraulic oils. These are highly refined base oils with a low content of aromatic compounds and paraffins, with increased oxidative stability (hydrotreated oils). We also offer base oils of groups III, IV and V. Base oils of group III of ETRO grades of very high quality, colorless liquids obtained as a result of the patented process of paraffin isomerization and subsequent hydrogenation. ETRO base oils are highly isoparaffinic, have a viscosity index above the average in their group, and are also characterized by excellent low-temperature properties. Both brands have an excellent viscosity-volatility ratio. Group IV base oils Group IV base oils are hydrogenated olefin oligomers obtained by the catalytic polymerization of linear alpha olefins. They have a well-defined, wax-free isoparaffin structure. API group V base oils can be used both as the only base oils and mixed with other synthetic fluids for various automotive and industrial lubricants. When used as primary base oils, these products are ideally suited for use at high temperatures, for example, in reciprocating air compressors where purity of the exhaust valves is required. When used in a mixture with polyalphaolefins, Group V base oils also provide excellent dissolution of additives in motor and industrial oils. Typical lubricants that may contain Group V base oils: Compressor oils, High temperature lubricants, Motor oils, Oil mist lubrication systems.