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PVC resin


PVC resin is a transparent thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer. At room temperature it is in a solid state, but already at + 170 ... + 180 ° С it becomes quite fluid. Stabilizers are added to the polymer that block the evolution of hydrogen chloride when heated. Polyvinyl chloride is able to withstand the effects of alkalis and acids, it swells very little in solvents, is hydrophobic, does not burn. If necessary, various plasticizers can be added to the resin: phthalates, adipates, asenates, phosphates, etc. This expands the scope of its use, and makes the finished product more flexible, resistant to low temperatures. PVC resin is used for the manufacture of transparent and colored products, as well as materials of varying degrees of stiffness.

Characteristics of polyvinyl chloride depend on the method of its preparation. The production of PVC resin is carried out according to three technologies:




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