Raw materials for adhesives and sealants


Adhesives (adhesives) are a substance or mixture, as well as multicomponent compositions based on organic or inorganic substances, capable of combining (gluing) various materials - in particular, wood, leather, paper, fabrics, glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, rubber. Bonding is due to the formation of a strong adhesive bond between the adhesive layer and the materials of the joined surfaces. The adhesion to the surface also affects the strength of the adhesive joint. The properties of the adhesive (stickiness - the ability of the adhesive to “adhere” to the surface at room temperature, viscosity, hardening speed, preservation, viability - the time during which the adhesive is suitable for use) and the adhesive layer (strength, stiffness, heat resistance, frost resistance, weather resistance) can vary with the addition of rosin esters, plasticizers, fillers, solvents, stabilizers, plasticizers and plasticizers in order to obtain good adhesive qualities at both high and low temperatures. By nature, adhesives are divided into inorganic, natural, synthetic. The following types of adhesives are distinguished: by film-forming substance - resin and rubber; on adhesive properties - universal, gluing various materials and with selective adhesion (protein, rubber); with respect to heating - reversible (thermoplastic) and irreversible (thermostable) films; according to curing conditions - cold gluing and hot gluing.

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