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To ensure the perfect appearance and optimal technical characteristics of fiberglass products or artificial stone, it is imperative that the matrix is ​​properly prepared, in particular, a suitable release agent should be used. The range of release agents from Jost Chemicals and BÜFA Composite Systems includes products for almost any application in the manufacture of composite materials. Release agent - a chemical substance that creates a release barrier between the surface of the equipment and the laminate (gelcoat). There are two types of release agents - internal and external. External are applied to the surface of the snap, internal - are introduced into the binder. However, the introduction of a binder release agent may lead to a change in its technological and physico-mechanical properties, which limits the applicability of such substances. Several groups of external release release systems used today in production can be distinguished: - compositions based on polyvinyl alcohol; - semi-permanent separation systems (are polymer solutions that cure upon interaction with moisture in the air and form a strong polymer coating that provides separation properties); - wax-based formulations. Separating wax creates a particularly durable polymer release film on the mold with a long service life.