Special seminar by the "Composites" and "Coatings and Paper"​ departments

On March 23, 2023, employees of the UTS Group successfully held a joint seminar of the Departments "Coatings and Paper" and "Composites" in Minsk.

The participants of the seminar were the main manufacturers of paint coatings in the Republic of Belarus, about 50 participants were able to gather at the seminar site.
The training seminar was devoted to the current raw material assortment for the production of paint coatings, the selection of analogues and the search for solutions to overcome the problems of our partners.

The seminar program included information on the following sections:
- UTS Group today and in the future - an up-to-date portrait of a market leader aimed at continuous development;
- Organo-soluble special binders;
- Decorative and anticorrosive pigments, titanium dioxide and fillers;
- Epoxy resins and hardeners;
- Functional additives;
- Binders for water coatings;
- Scientific and Technical Center of the UTS Group and features of its own technical

The seminar program turned out to be capacious, whole and rich.
The high level of preparation and technical content of the reports was noted by the participants themselves-manufacturers of coatings.

Taking this opportunity, we thank our colleagues and partners for this useful experience.
We look forward to meeting you at new seminars and conferences of the UTS Group, follow the updates and announcements on our website.