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Mokate dried vegetable cream


UTS Group, being the exclusive supplier of Mokate products in Russia, offers stable supplies of any of the Mokate Ingredients products. The Polish company Mokate Ingredients is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ingredients for the food industry.

We offer:

1. Dry vegetable cream High-quality vegetable products produced by spray drying technology:

  • Dry vegetable cream on palm or coconut oil with a fat content of 14 - 40%

  • Dry vegetable cream on palm or coconut oil with a fat content of 40 - 60%

  • Dry vegetable (palm, coconut) fat 80%

2. Frothers for coffee. Foaming agents as well as dried vegetable cream are produced by spray drying technology. Nitrogen particles are encapsulated during the drying process and when dissolved in the drink, the nitrogen released from the capsules creates a stable and high foam on the surface of the drink.

3. Base for whipping MOKAERO. These are instant products made by spray drying technology based on vegetable oil, proteins and a special composition of vegetable emulsifiers. These ingredients and their proportions are necessary to ensure the basic parameters of topping: the correct whipping, consistency and stability of the foam, as well as sensory properties.

MOKAEROs are used to prepare cold desserts where the aeration effect obtained by manual mixing is desirable. Topping bases can be combined with hydrocolloids, which modify the structure, increase volume and stability. The addition of cocoa, fruit powders and flavor allows you to create delicious desserts.

4. Ready instant drinks for vending machines. Hot drinks for vending machines:

  • Granular cream Agglomerete Topping Premium.

  • Hot chocolate.

  • Cappuccino.

  • Tea.