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Pigments and pigment concentrates


Pigments are highly dispersed substances insoluble (unlike dyes) in water, organic solvents, film formers, and other media that have a certain set of optical, mechanical, and sorption properties. The pigments may be inorganic or organic substances. Metallic powders are also used as pigments. Pigments can be natural and synthetic. The choice of pigments is determined by the properties of the pigment and the material, the nature of their interaction, as well as processing parameters and operating conditions of the products. When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the technical properties of the pigment (shade, hiding power, light fastness, intensity, etc.) depend not only on the chemical composition of the pigments, but to a greater extent on the size and shape of the particles, which in turn depend on the conditions for obtaining pigment: concentration and temperature of the initial solutions, the intensity of their mixing, temperature, etc. ETS Group offers almost all types of pigments for use in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, printing inks, products based on cement, plastics and rubbers.