Seminar "Functional ingredients for the confectionery industry"

The seminar was attended by representatives of 11 innovative enterprises of the confectionery industry of the Republic of Belarus, as well as employees of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.
The official part was devoted to the presentation of the UTS as a market leader and a reliable partner in the distribution of chemical raw materials and food ingredients.

The main blocks of the seminar were presentations on the manufacturers and properties of pectin, agar, gelatin and starches from European and Asian manufacturers, as well as marketing information about the novelties of the Chinese confectionery market based on gelatin, pectin, carrageenan and other hydrocolloids.
The seminar participants highly appreciated the organization of the event, the novelty and relevance of the information provided, as well as the high level of training on the part of the UTS
The competence and professionalism of the technology department of our company were also particularly noted.

The evening ended with an entertainment program, where each participant was able to relax after a busy day, get a boost of energy from socializing in an informal setting.