UTS Group organized an international seminar “Composites: from theory to practice”

An international technical seminar was held in St. Petersburg for manufacturers of products from polymer composite materials, organized by UTS Group of Companies. The event was held in the central building of the St. Petersburg State Technical Institute. The seminar was attended by over 90 specialists in the composite industry, among whom were representatives of Flotenk, Dugalak, Composite Group, Techpolymer, New Pipe Technologies, Rainbow Synthesis and others. The seminar program included a theory day and a practice day.

In the theoretical block, the leading manager of UTS Group Leonid Raikhlin presented epoxy vinyl ester resins manufactured by AOC Aliancys, which occupy the first place in the resin market of North America and are among the top 3 in Europe and China. Our partners from BUFA Composite Systems talked about the new BÜFA ISO 3000 gelcoat with very high resistance to ultraviolet and abrasive wear. This gelcoat differs from others in that it does not have chalk, which leads to whitening and discoloration in the sun.

During the practical part, the demonstration of manual molding based on resin BUFA Composite Systems took place. The seminar participants were able to make their own matrix under the guidance of Eike Sieger, BUFA Eastern Europe Manager, learn the subtleties and nuances of molding and compare different resins. At the next practice session, Sebastiano Bettio, Pai Cristal Polishing Pastes Manager, showed how to work with unique polishing pastes from an Italian manufacturer.

Many experts praised the possibility of direct communication between representatives of various industries and, of course, live music at a banquet at the end of the first day of the seminar. Thanks to all participants!