New practical seminar about gelatins

On September 22, “UTS” successfully held another practical seminar.

The event became a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of gelatin production and use.

At the seminar, an analysis of the gelatin market for 2022-2023 was presented, including an assessment of the quantity and quality of gelatin imported to Russia.

A review of various gelatin manufacturers was also conducted with a market assessment in monetary terms.
Our special guest, a process engineer from one of the leading Turkish manufacturing plants, shared his international experience in the implementation of gelatin in production plants.
The expert highlighted such important aspects as the influence of raw materials and production technology on the quality of gelatin, the formation of cost and technological features of the use of gelatin in finished products.

The practical part of the seminar was held under the guidance of the chief technologist of the "UTS" Group.
Together with our technical expert, the event participants tested and compared samples of gelatin from various brands and manufacturers.

The seminar ended with a rich evening program in an informal atmosphere.
All event participants highly appreciated its quality and expressed their desire to participate in our future events.

We will continue holding similar events aimed at exchanging experience and developing professional knowledge in the field of food ingredients and other chemical raw materials.

To take part in any of the future events, follow the updates on our website and check all the details with your managers.