UTS at FI Asia trade show in Indonesia

In September 2022, employees of the Food Ingredients, Feed and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Department of UTS Group visited the Food Ingredients Asia trade show in Jakarta, Indonesia. Trade shows under the FI brand and are held annually in major cities around the world. They involve manufacturers of food ingredients, including those from North America, Europe, India, Asia and Russia.

During the visit to the exhibition, meetings were held with manufacturers and suppliers of carrageenan - a hydrocolloid used in the meat, dairy and confectionery industries; starches used in a variety of industries, including non-food; vegetable cream and foaming agents; egg products and other ingredients. All these products are present in the portfolio of UTS Group, and visiting the exhibition made it possible to obtain information on market trends, learn about new products and personally get acquainted with representatives of supplier companies.

Speaking of trends, consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the last 25 months of the pandemic, and this has changed food and consumer trends from pre-pandemic times. These trends have prompted food and beverage manufacturers to be innovative in order to ensure that the variety of offerings meets customer requirements. A focus on health, food safety and sustainability are three trends that have driven manufacturers to adopt and adapt their food products for consumers. In addition, micro-ingredients used in food and beverages mainly come from outside ASEAN. However, local producers have developed local ingredients that add value to agricultural raw materials. Thus, food ingredients in Asia have become a key factor in creating two more varieties of food and distinguishing them from competitors.